1. How to choose the sizes and thickness of PVC products?

2. Should I pay freight charge?


Yes, freight charge is on your account for those products deliver from our warehouse in California. We make arrangement of delivery by UPS, FedEx, trucks... at your request, but you bear the cost.


3. How to place a order?


Please send your order by fax to 1-626-457-1612. Your order will be processed the same day or by next day. Order form is available at www.duralok.net/order.xls . Please refer to item list at www.duralok.net/item-list.xls for available items. Prices are available upon your request. Please contact us if you want to be a distributor.



4. How do I  pay you for my order?


We accept credit card payment or simply write us a check. If COD is acceptable for you, please so indicate in your order. If you are going to repeatedly order large volume every month, we strongly suggest you open an account with us. Credit  application is available upon request.


5. Can I place full container order or LCL order directly shipped from your oversea factory? What is benefit to place this kind of order?


Yes, we can arrange shipping directly from our oversea factory to your warehouse. Lead time is about 40 to 50 days. Minimum order is $8000.00. You get most competitive prices for this kind of order with freight charge and import duty paid. Quotation is available upon your request.



6. Can I order custom made items?


Yes, you can. We also make PVC candle shrink tubing, PVC CD spidle wrap, PVC shrink band. Please submit your inquiry with detail specification, thickness and sizes etc. A couple of pieces samples would be very helpful. We specially make them for you. Deposit may be needed for this kind of order.




7. Do you give volume discount and how much?


We do have volume discount. If your single order is more than $300.00, we give 10% discount off our selling prices. If your single order is more than $1000.00, we give 15% discount. If your single order is more than $5000.00, please contact us for discount rate.



8. How to order Polyolefin products?


We send polyolefin products directly from our factory to your warehouse. Minimum order $8000.00. Lead time is about 50 days. Samples are available upon request. Checking out directly from our inventory in United States is also available.